Ann is a mother of four adult sons which in itself has brought many life challenges. Her boys are all successful individuals capable in setting and reaching goals for both their personal and professional lives.After successfully founding now her 4 business.Ann has a major amount of experience in all facets of business , however if we are not happy and stressed and living with fear, anger, guilt or sadness in out life's both personally and professionally how are we going to enjoy the journey we are on.

Are you stuck? What are you focusing on?
Have you got limiting beliefs ?
Any change needs to start by getting rid of all these beliefs to clear a path of the life you want to live.
Ann works with families and couples individually and as a unit and in providing group seminars for;
Managing the busyness of everyday life
Achieving better work/life balance
Creating a happier family and relationships environment
Living with Autism and ADHD and transforming challenging behaviours your journey to healing with Ann Bartlett, Practitioner who has international qualifications in these therapies. Through certification with the Timeline Therapy ® Association, the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the American Board of Hypnotherapy.
Working with clients individually, families and with people in business, Ann’s treatment room is centrally located in the Lower Hunter. Alternatively, services can be provided in the workplace. During your treatment period Ann will support you to tailor a programme that is best suited towards your specific goals and for your own unique journey.
NLP known as the ‘science of success’, is a therapy that lets you lead the life you want! It is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our desired outcomes.
Through the use of new and creative ways of self-talk NLP, changes your unconscious state of mind and body language. NLP enables you to transform limiting beliefs and helps shift triggers that cause anxiety, fear and stress. It treats phobias, decreases anxiety thus reducing stress and can overcome neuroses.
NLP teaches you how you can improve communication with others, how to better control your mental and emotional states of mind and provides you with a powerful new and positive mindset.
NLP supports a healthy, vibrant and sustainable workplace by shifting collective limiting-beliefs from the leadership team down through the ranks.
Dragonfly Journey tailor’s specific treatment programmes for individuals who want to change habits, decrease anxiety, reduce stress, fear and guilt, deal with sadness and transform limiting beliefs that prevent you from living your best life.
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