Aaron Emerich is a 38 year old serial investor and entrepreneur. After multiple successful businesses making 6 and 7 figures, he founded Emerich Wealth Academy giving others the opportunity to become Freedom Investors just like he has. That means no more swapping time for money or struggling to invest successfully. Emerich Wealth Academy helps others transform their lives to be able to free up more time, save thousands of extra dollars in savings and invest like the mega rich. Many of which are on their way to being able to retire in 3.5 years just like he did.

After being trapped with $40,000 in debt and a failing Mortgage Broking business, he decided to escape the rat race and take charge of his life. With knowledge gained from his wealthy clients, was able to transform his life from tradesman turned failed business owner to a serial entrepreneur making over $500,000 per year with passive and investment income in just 3.5 years, by focusing on creating value for his clients.

Aaron is super passionate about giving back, creating generational wealth, and helping his clients do the same. He now lives a few minutes from the city in Queensland, Australia, enjoys renovating houses and being there for those special moments with his young family.