Business Coaching has remained the same for decades, until now...

We're shaking up the business coaching industry, something that has remained stagnant for decades. With CoPilots, you can access a team of specialist expert who are experts in their field across the eight areas of business. Your membership provides you with a host of benefits, including unrestricted access to a full suite of experts who are at your beck and call. Your business success is paramount and our dedicated team will work with you to ensure your success in all aspects of business.

Here’s How It Works

Become a CoPilots Member Today

When you begin your CoPilots Membership, you’ll instantly receive access to the CoPilots Flight Deck, as well as the Online Hangar Community and the Resource Library.

Launch Your Membership

Quickly and easily book in your first session with a Specialist Coach of your choice. Before you do, you will need to complete the Launch Survey to help us better understand your business. This will be reviewed by all of our Coaches before you get started so we get to know you personally. The first session will be one of self discovery, determining outcomes for your success and runs for one hour via video call. You will get clarity, feel confident and be set on the right trajectory. 


You finish the call with your week’s game-plan set, scheduled and mapped out in our private members only software app (which will track your progress). Your coach also emails you a personalized summary for reference.

Welcome to the Community Hangar

After your first call (known as the Launch Call) why not introduce yourself to the group? Go on, don't be shy. All of our members are friendly, supportive, like-minded and happy to support each other. If this isn't you, then you're in the wrong place. Please go and land somewhere else.

Monthly Video Sessions via ZOOM

Available to you as part of your membership is a monthly call with one of our specialist expert of your choice. Choose from product, finance, operations, people, marketing, sales, technology or growth. You'll be able to get the help and support you need, when you need it. But it's up to you to book these in and use them as and when you need them.

Our specialist expert have been hand-picked from the best of the best applicants and put through rigorous quality checks to ensure they make the grade.


Quarterly Flight Plan Session

Each quarter, you will receive a 'Flight Plan' check-in call with one of our Lead Coaches. These Coaches are there to support you, guide you, get your feedback, thoughts, ideas, listen to you, laugh with you, make sure you are on the right path, and most importantly, hold you accountable. It's part of our success formula to get you results.

CoPilots Flight Deck

Your one port of call throughout your membership is the CoPilots Flight Deck. A members-only platform available on desktop and on the Google Play and Apple Stores, that will be the GPS to your CoPilots journey. This is where you can access video recordings of all of your sessions, our resource library, documents and templates, our black book of contacts and special offers.

Captain's Checklist

Unique to CoPilots is the Captain's Checklist, an actionable list of items that you need to achieve for your business. It follows the SMART goal setting methodology and after each session, your Coach will input the items that you discussed, along with a due date to hold you accountable.

Ground Control All Day

Your success shouldn't have to wait and be dictated by someone else's schedule, so we've made our specialist expert available around the clock for quick urgent questions or "Mayday Calls" that you need help with. You'll be given access to our "Ask A Question Control Room" and will be able to send short voice messages, emails or text message questions to us, anytime