Business Coaching has remained the same for decades, until now.

We're shaking up the business coaching industry, something that has remained stagnant for decades. With CoPilots, you can access a team of specialist coaches who are experts in their field across the eight areas of business. Your membership provides you with a host of benefits, including unrestricted access to a full suite of experts who are at your beck and call. Your business success is paramount and our dedicated team will work with you to ensure your success in all aspects of business.

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Business Coaching, How It Was Intended.

It's time to get the guidance and support you've always wanted.

There are plenty of business coaches out there. They range in age, experience, knowledge and price. However, most have never run a business themselves. They have general knowledge, come from a corporate background, and are trying to make a living telling other people what to do. Have you heard the saying "those who can't DO, teach."? They know a little, about a lot, and often couldn't tell you how to do something if their life depended on it. And of course, we don't blame them. They don't know any different. We're different, and it's evident in the results that our clients have achieved. How, you may ask? We're not generalist buisiness coaches, and we've all got experience in business, the blood, sweat and tears that you have put into your business, we have put into ours, and still do every day. Our membership gives you access to a dedicated team of specialist experts across product, finance, operations, people, marketing, sales, technology and growth, who have owned businesses, and currently do own and operate businesses in their area of expertise. So they remain up-to-date with the latest knowledge, trends, technology and systems which will benefit you, as well as still having hands on experience within their field. It's a winning formula.

More Than Just Business Coaching

Our experience has shown us that it's not enough to have a traditional Business Coach. Someone that you pay a huge fee to speak to once a month, who doesn't do much more than offer suggestions about how to deal with problems, and isn't in any way accountable or concerned for your success. We understand that you need more than just "Business Coaching". So we've designed a truly unique Coaching Membership for business owners that is affordable, accountable and simply amazing. Your CoPilots Membership includes:
  • Fortnightly Zoom Meetings with your choice of Specialist Coach at your beck and call.
  • Exclusive lifetime access to the CoPilots Flight Deck (available on desktop and mobile).
  • Lifetime access to Video Meeting Recordings review anytime and get the most out of your call.
  • Access to our Resource Library with documents, templates, contacts, discounts and more.
  • Members Only Access to our Captain's Checklist that is updated by your coach after every call.
  • WhatsApp Support for quick audio message responses to questions for coaches 24/7/365.
  • Lifetime Access to the CoPilots Hangar Online Community of supportive business owners.
And remember, you also get the reassurance of:  
  • An industry first 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • No contracts, no lock-in, cancel anytime.

At the core of our service is one simple idea

We help you install and maintain a CORNERSTONE Weekly Ritual that will become an Accelerator for everything else in your life

Here’s How It Works


We Help You Craft Fine-Tuned Weekly Action Plans

When you sign up for Commit Action, you’ll immediately be assigned a dedicated Commit Action coach. Then once a week, at a time you commit to, you’ll get on the phone with your coach to create your weekly action plan.

Your Coach Will Do All The Heavy Lifting

  • asking the right questions
  • organizing your thoughts
  • taking detailed notes on each session
  • breaking down goals into realistic action steps
  • scheduling time on your calendar
  • tracking results and progress

…so you effectively clarify your goals, identify your highest impact activities, and create a focused action plan for the week ahead.


You finish the call with your week’s game-plan set, scheduled and mapped out in our private members only software app (which will track your progress). Your coach also emails you a personalized summary for reference.


We Keep You Accountable & Taking Action

Armed with your plan, you go into your week with incredible clarity and focus. You no longer feel overwhelmed. You wake up in the morning and operate with deliberate intention because you already know exactly what you need to do for the day.

Throughout the week, your coach checks in with you via email or SMS to make sure you’re on track.

You execute and you feel good because you know you’re doing the highest impact activities — things you know you should be doing and are finally getting to. Moving in circles is a thing of the past. Instead you finally make measurable, weekly progress towards your goals with confidence and momentum.

Taking actions requires less grind, resistance, and internal motivation because you naturally feel the external accountability pulling you forward.

Finally, you’re not going at it alone anymore.


Step 3

We Help You Review Each Week & Improve

At the end of the week and the start of the next, your ritual starts again when your coach calls you. They’ll start by analyzing your past 7 days: Successes. Struggles. What got done. What didn’t. What you could do better next time. Together, you’ll celebrate the wins and draw powerful insights from any obstacles you faced.

Your coach will record everything down in our app to support potent self reflection and make consistent improvements over time. Finally, while integrating lessons from the past week, your coach will re-adjust what’s necessary and begin guiding the ritual for the new week ahead…

The End Result Is Simple: Consistently Turn Your Goals and Ideas Into Concrete Results

As each week goes by, you stack more and more finished tasks on top of each other. No excuses, no distractions, just tangible progress every week. Before you know it, you start gaining momentum and things start getting easier. You start feeling more confident about yourself and the path you are on. Now normally, self-sabotage might start creeping in at this point, but you are no longer going about it all by yourself. Your Commit Action coach is right there next to you. Keeping you on track, killing shiny object syndrome, holding you accountable, and helping you maintain the momentum and speed you’ve picked up. The results keep getting better and better. And so do you.

“At first, my friends thought I was nuts to pay for accountability coaching. Heck, I thought I was nuts. Why not just tell a friend what I was committing to and get it for free? Well, one big reason: it doesn’t work for me. Maybe it’s just that my friends are too nice (and too quick to say, “Oh, that’s okay!”), but this approach has never given me sufficient “oomph” to reach my goals. Commit Action, on the other hand, has been amazing. I started in July 2012, and since then, I’ve consistently hit my targets each week–and my business is thriving as a result. There’s something about knowing someone is paying attention that compels me to fulfill my commitment no matter what (even though it’s occasionally meant late nights to get it done).”

Sarah Lewis, UX Designer & Developer


Our Commit Action Coaches

Forged by Rigorous Selection & Elite Training

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100% full time. 100% in-house. 100% the best.

Our HQ is in New York City. Our coaches are based across the U.S. Together, they’ve logged thousands of hours with members and worked with entrepreneurs in over 22 different countries and counting!

Every Commit Action Coach Is:

Selected from a battery of psychological tests and profiles, then interviewed exhaustively to ensure they’re the perfect fit. We hire less than 1% of applicants.

Meticulously trained in our cutting edge methodology (based off actual science) that destroys self sabotage, ends procrastination and accelerates your best ideas & intentions into concrete results.

Required to have hundreds of hours of experience, scrutiny and training in entrepreneurial psychology, productivity, and coaching to ensure they’re fully equipped to serve you as an effectiveness enhancing force.

Experienced working with entrepreneurs from more industries and verticals than you can imagine, and with a proven track record in getting them ALL accelerating – the key is our science based coaching methodology.

Join thousands of entrepreneurs and high achievers who have used Commit Action to double their productivity overnight

Create An Environment Where Success Is Inevitable

Most traditional productivity tools and solutions don’t work because they require a lot of willpower and effort to use — and continue using. Commit Action takes none. All you need to do is show up and the “baked in” evidence-based psychological triggers will immediately start influencing your behavior in a positive way. In short, having a coach who is optimizing your planning, your execution, and your thinking is the closest thing to guaranteeing success. The foolish try to do everything themselves and waste valuable time, energy, and willpower grinding it out on their own. The smartest entrepreneurs build systems around themselves that make things automatic and effortless. Getting a Commit Action coach is like installing a new system into your life that makes everything else easier.

Install This New System Into Your Life Today

Here’s Everything You Get As A Commit Action Member

  • A Dedicated Commit Action Coach
  • Cornerstone Productivity Ritual Installed Overnight (and maintained for you by your coach)
  • Access to our cutting-edge planning and productivity tracking software that guides, measures & improves progress over time (available only to members)
  • 4 x One-on-one weekly accountability calls plus check-in emails and/or SMS

“It’s like rocket fuel – you just can’t move as fast without it. This is my lifeline! You’re just delusional if you think you can do it by yourself. It’s like rocket fuel for progress!”

Christopher Carter, Workshop and Course Leader/Developer


Frequently Asked Questions

Accountability coaching is a part of it, but not all of it. Commit Action is productivity coaching, which includes accountability but is also much more. Productivity includes other key factors like goal setting, organization, prioritization, deadlines, time management, habit building and more. Our Commit Action coaches are experts in all these areas as well as entrepreneurial psychology and behavioral psychology. Long story short, Commit Action provides you with the iron clad accountability you need, but also helps you optimize other key areas of productivity and personal effectiveness.
On paper no. Commit Action coaches are NOT business experts. Commit Action coaches are experts in behavioral psychology and productivity. They are there to help you optimize your productivity and action. They are not expected to provide advice on business strategy, tactics, and implementation. If you are looking for someone to tell you how to grow your business or market your products, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. Commit Action is for people who know – deep down – what they need to be doing, but just need help executing on it in the most optimal way. In other words, our coaches won’t give you the actual business strategy, but they will help you optimize the way you execute and follow through on what you already know. Note: All this being said, our Commit Action coaches are extremely intelligent individuals who have logged over 1000 hours of client work, and spoken with hundreds of entrepreneurs in over 22 different countries. From elite startup founders to aspiring bootstrap entrepreneurs, they’ve worked with people in hundreds of niches. With this much experience, our coaches inevitably have a lot of valuable reference points related to business strategy and resources that they can pull from. Again, on paper, our coaches are NOT expected to provide business advice, so do not expect them to do so. However, practically speaking, they may be able to provide valuable tips and pointers on a case by case basis, should the opportunity arise.
No. Commit Action is month to month. There are no setup fees, cancellation fees, or long term contracts. You can quit at any time. We also have our 30 day money back guarantee so you are safe to try this out risk free. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Our calls are designed to be quick. Our customers are busy entrepreneurs seeking to get even more ultra high leverage execution done – we focus our calls on a powerful and speedy check in to get you focused and moving. Expect 15-20 minutes to get crystal clarity on your most significant goals for the week ahead.
All our coaches are expertly trained to be flexible about applying our methodology across diverse client types. Commit Action works because of the methodology to which your coach is just a guide, not because of a personality fit between you and your coach. So it really shouldn’t be an issue and has never been for 99.9% of our customers. However if you really feel like you and your coach are not the right fit, we’ll be happy to switch your coach for you 🙂
No. Commit Action membership isn’t some phony digital training or e-book. Every one of our members has a high-leverage relationship with one of our highly-trained coaches. This doesn’t come cheap, which means we can’t give away free memberships – we’ve gotta pay our people. Again, we offer a thirty day satisfaction money-back guarantee. We’re convinced that you’ll find Commit Action so game-changingly effective that once you try it, it won’t make sense to stop. However, if we’ve grossly miscommunicated and it’s just not for you… you can contact our support team at any point in the first 30 days of your membership to receive a full refund of your first month’s membership fee.
We make our coaching calls to landlines internationally and we do cell phones in the U.S. and Canada only. So if you’re in those countries you can get Commit Action coaching direct to your cell phone. Otherwise it’s landline. Or Skype if that’s what you prefer.
Yes, all your interactions with your dedicated one-to-one Commit Action coach are considered 100% privileged and confidential. Your information is NEVER shared outside of Commit Action Inc. We have a lot of serious entrepreneurs doing important work on our platform, and protecting their trade secrets, intellectual property and personal information is one of our paramount priorities.
You’ll get to specify what kind of coaching style you prefer in our new members questionnaire and let us know how intense you want the coaching to be. Our coaches are really flexible and really good at knowing what level of intensity or tough love they should apply when it comes to accountability.
No, we have a lot of people who are just starting businesses and we actually even have clients who are creatives doing other stuff. You can use Commit Action to help you excel in any area or endeavor that you want. As long as you have the ambition, we can help you follow through on it.
That is absolutely perfect for Commit Action. Our coaches are experts at establishing priorities. So that’s really going to help with that as well.
Only partially. Commit Action is a human powered, software enhanced service. In other words, at the core our service is human based, but we developed a fully-fledged custom web app from scratch to help our coaches facilitate their coaching process. This is a cutting-edge planning and productivity tracking software that guides, measures & improves progress over time and its available only to members. We’ll get you onboarded after you sign up, but you really don’t need to know about the details of the software or how it works because your coach will be managing it all for you. It’s primarily a tool for your coach to help keep track of your results and help you optimize.
No you are free to use whatever to do list software you’re currently using. Our productivity tracking software is a tool our coaches use to plan, track, and optimize your progress over time. You can continue to use your own software or planning tools but you can login anytime to view your progress over time.
Visit the link on the screen or click the button on this webpage, and you’ll be directed to a secure SSL encrypted sign up page. Once you’ve completed your payment, you’ll be directed to a scheduler where you can schedule your first call. Once done, you’ll be taken to a short but important new member questionnaire. Once you submit your questionnaire, you’re all set! You’ll receive a call at your scheduled time and begin building momentum right away.

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