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One of the biggest questions in life is whether or not our lives, the choices we make, and their results are predestined.

What brings success? Is it hard work? Fate? Perhaps, luck? Say, for businesses, are great entrepreneurs born or made?

I say they are self-made. And one powerful testimony for that would be Luke Ahearn, the owner of Thread and Ink Workwear, Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2017), husband, and father of three beautiful children.

Luke realized his passion for business ever since he was a kid and started his journey as an entrepreneur at age 16; he knew what he wanted and had planned to achieve his goals.

Still in school, but Luke already had a mindset of an entrepreneur. He started selling lollipops to his classmates and schoolmates and had saved the little profit he made.

Unlike his friends and peers, Luke went for the road less traveled. After finishing grade 10, he decided he’s done with school and does not want a typical 9-5 job. As a result, he took action and pursued his goals. Luke gathered all the money he saved from his part-time job, bought a mobile phone shop, a few vending machines, and began his first legitimate business. 

After some time, he bought a franchise business, which was an unwise decision he hoped he had realized beforehand. During this franchise, he lost autonomy and could not control some of the most critical parts of his business. Human as he is, Luke failed and ended up losing almost all of his hard-earned money. Not only that, all his efforts, his time, and his energy were nearly gone to waste.  

He had to start all over again, back at one. As frustrating and as exhausting it must have been, Luke stood up, shook off the dust, and got his game spirit back on. In short, he did not give up and still has his goals in mind. 

One night, Luke was heading home with nothing but $10 in his pockets when his friend invited him to grab a beer or two at a pub. Little did he know that that night would be one of the biggest catapults for his career. 

Luke and the guy he was sitting next to got into random chatting, and lo and behold, this guy was selling his business called Bricks and Mortar, a workwear shop located in the regional area of New South Wales. 

The day after, Luke bought that business and renamed it Thread and Ink Workwear. Not only is the shop still running presently, but it also expanded via e-commerce, taking over the whole country of Australia. 

Thread and Ink Workwear focuses on providing high-quality workwear that includes but is not limited to PPEs, uniforms, boots, hats, accessories. It caters to industries such as Hospitality, Construction, Healthcare, and Corporate.

They say there’s a steep price to pay for success and that it doesn’t come easy. For Luke, he had to spend almost all his waking hours running the shop. He worked tirelessly and passed on heaps of fun nights with friends to focus on growing his business instead. 

Cessnock is a small country town, and most of Luke’s friends work in the mining industry. He needed to surround himself with individuals that had the same mindset as him, at least business-wise. 

He joined business networking groups here and there at Newcastle and in the Hunter region. He also got himself a business coach to assist him furthermore. Everything was doing well, and his business was steady, but Luke wanted more. He knew that he could do and offer so much more. 

He widened his scope and looked outside his local network. In the year 2016, he joined a business education program called Business Blueprint. It was a 12-month program that offered him resources that would help his business. 


Luke was diligent, eager to learn, keen to implement those learnings. He put all the reading into practice. During his membership at Business Blueprint, Luke spent lots of time with intelligent business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, mainly during conferences. Over the course, he gathered new strategies for running his business without taking too much of his time. 

His hard work had paid off. He did not spend as much time running his business as before, yet is thriving more than ever. He initiated to create an e-commerce shop for Thread and Ink Workwear and catered to the whole country of Australia. Because of this, sales came flooding in. 

Luke effectively created a system that works for his business. In a short period, his physical store started being managed by his excellent team. As his online presence grew, he eventually hired virtual assistants to help manage his online store. 

As a result, Luke had more free time with his then-fiance and baby boy, Levi. Not only that, in the year 2017, after he finished the 12-month program, he was hired to be one of Business Blueprint’s Consultants. 

Since his business was growing steadily, he harbored a new passion- to help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners make dreams turn to reality. With what he went through, he was able to share some of his wisdom and first-hand experiences. 

Luke spent three years as Business Blueprint’s Consultant. Over these years, he was able to assist hundreds of business owners in achieving their business goals. All while overseeing his business, real-estate properties, employees, and of course, spending quality time with his family. During these years, Luke participated in Hands Across the Water, a charitable cause for kids in Thailand where participants conquered the 500KM bike ride. 

After Business Blueprint, aside from growing his businesses, Luke focused on his growing family as well. Today, Luke is a happily married man to his beautiful wife, Georgia. They have three kids together, Levi, Eli, and Ari. 

Luke’s passion for helping businesses and entrepreneurs achieve success did not falter. He expanded his reach and now founded CoPilots. As a business coach, Luke thinks business owners and entrepreneurs should enjoy life as a reward for their success and not be chained to their businesses.